About Peter Lord-Wolff

I was born in the mountains of the Great American West after the big war that we won and before the small one that we lost.  My family owned a large ranch but my father traded a family tradition to become a merchant and my mother, well she was always a social butterfly. Tourism brought a constant flow of visitors and skiers to our pictorial valley ringed by snow-capped peaks.  The stories told by these outsiders fueled my imagination with curiosity and desire to experience the world beyond the mountains. By my late teens I had saved enough money from summer jobs for a plane ticket to Europe with a enough left over to purchase a motorcycle for touring. I crashed the bike within a fortnight and soon discovered trains.  After a decade of crisscrossing Europe and North Africa, I put down roots in England where I studied architecture and worked in various aspects of the music business. The path I was on meandered through the London music scene and the Hollywood grind before finding my place in the world of words. Through these stories I would like to share with others what I’ve learned and speculated regarding our blue planet, the people on it, and the ethereal realm of spirits. Once in Paris, I overheard an art critic at the Louvre state, “What is pleasing to the eye, is the balance between the painter’s subject and the negative space around the subject.” It’s those shadows and folds in the fabric of our lives that intrigue me…

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