LIBRARY JOURNAL - Cast down from heaven along with the other fallen angels, Tashum and Paladin plummet to Earth only to find themselves separated from each other. Tashum’s search for his lost brother takes on a journey of discovery and temptation that encompasses thousands of years. Lord-Wolff’s angels traffic with vampires and kings, fall in love, and search their souls for a salvation that eludes them. With a grace and passion reminiscent of the best of Anne Rice and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, the author depicts the emotions and conflicts of creatures whose origins separate them forever from the humans they were destined to serve. A solid addition to most fantasy collections. Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.




Suppose that, God’s first creation was not angels as is widely accepted, but was instead an evil creature so vile in nature that the universe was created as a place to banish them. Why did the Creator simply not destroy this failed experiment? Why is evil allowed to exist at all? The answer to that agonizing question may be very simple…

The CELESTIAL CHRONICLES, began with, THE SILENCE IN HEAVEN, introducing an unknown order of celestial beings banished to Earth in human form. The Star-Seekers are featured in the second book in the series, VOWS OF TREASON. These adventuresome angels were the first celestials to leave the Light and venture into the dark cosmos to map and report what they discovered in the newly formed and expanding universe. Their findings of physical worlds and self-replicating life forms sparked further debate between those fearful of creation and those supporting the grand experiment. But it was the survey indicating that the dark void was encroaching and swallowing up the Light from within that split Heaven, culminating in the great purge and banishment from the Light.

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